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Fantom Node Capital empowering users by utilizing the most successful Fantom Node & Farming protocols!


6% Node Treasury

6% of every transaction will be taxed and redirected to our treasury wallet. These funds will be used to purchase the most successful Node & Farming protocols on the Fantom blockchain and redistribute the rewards as buybacks & burns for the $FNC token.

2% Auto Liquidity

2% of every transaction will be taxed and converted to liquidity tokens and automatically added to the liquidity pool to stabilize price volatility and promote a healthy $FNC token infrastructure. 

2% Reflections

2% of every transaction will be taxed and converted to $USDC tokens and automatically sent to the $FNC token holders every one hour to make sure that our community gets the best of both worlds in terms of investment growth! 

$FNC is KYC’ed by Assure DeFi
(The logo on the card is our old logo)

The Method

One of the FAQs is that “How is this Node or Farming purchasing going to work?”
The answer is simple and easy to understand!
Our team will be discussing to choose between the most trusted and high quality Node or Farming projects created on Fantom Network to invest in. Meanwhile we will be also discussing with our community, therefore it all will be clear and fair through our community. After utilizing the treasury and making profits from the investment, the team will purchase $FNC token and burn the purchased portion! That’s how you know that the way is up!
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Fantom Node Capital

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